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A princess cut diamond or Round brilliant cut?

A princess cut diamond or Round brilliant cut ? How to decide

A diamond’s cut is extremely important in determining the quality of the diamond. A perfect cut refers to accurate proportions and precise facets of diamond. There are various shapes to this precious stone and a debate is always going on regarding which one to choose. Well, to be honest the selection of a diamond depends on the personal taste and personality of the buyer. There is no hard and fast rule regarding the selection of a cut in terms of diamond shapes.However, the round brilliant cut is the classic and has always been the most popular shape while the princess cut is a comparatively common one and second in popularity to the round brilliant cut. This is probably because the round brilliant cut appears bigger than the princess cut.

The round brilliant shape has always been preferred on the engagement rings and it is cut in a way which assures maximum reflection of light. The top of a brilliant round cut diamond is round in shape whereas the rest of the body is conical in shape. This ensures maximum return of light since the shape is symmetrical. Due to the maximum return of light this is considered to be the most brilliant cut. After all the price and exclusiveness of a diamond depends on how much light it can reflect. It is one of the oldest existing cuts and has been most researched by diamond cutters. Since its introduction in the 17th century, it has gone through modifications. Initially it had 17 facets which have now increased to 58 facets due to the light technology and mathematical calculations made by the developers to have the best looking diamond with maximum fire and brilliance.

The princess cut is only second to the round brilliant cut diamond. It is a fancy-shaped diamond which has given mild competition to the round brilliant cut in terms of popularity. This diamond is pyramid shaped with the top being square having pointed corners. This was developed in the 20th century and has been modified to produce the fire of the standard brilliant cut diamond. Radiating almost the same fire and brilliance the princess cut has gained popularity among buyers. There is another reason for the princess cut being popular and that is the price. While not everyone can afford a brilliant round cut diamond, the princess cut is a more affordable addition to engagement rings.