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Creative Ways to Photograph Your Engagement Rings

A lot of thought goes into an engagement, and you want the announcement to have the best effect too. After you’ve told the most important people in your circle about the big news in person, posting a photo on social media is one of the most common ways to announce your engagement to a wide circle of friends and family. We’ve all seen the classic photo with the cheesy grins and hands held up displaying the ring. That’s all good and well, but there are so many more interesting ways to photograph your new bling to make the announcement. Why not try one of these creative little options instead?

In a Vintage Ring Box

If you’re a bit of an old soul, this one may be for you. If you’ve inherited an old ring or you’ve seen your Grandma’s old collection, you’d probably be familiar with the dainty velvet-covered ring boxes in colours of ruby red, deep sapphire blue and emerald green. The insides are couched with silky fabric, in which the piece of jewellery elegantly nestles. Curate the perfect photo with your new (or antique handed down) ring, and set up the shot with some dried flowers to really set the scene.

On the Day’s Newspaper

When your beloved pops the question, after revelling in the excitement for a while, pop out and get the day’s newspaper. If you’re the sentimental type, this is a classic, classy and cute way to announce the big news. Pop the ring, or rings, on the top of the paper at the part displaying the date, and snap away!

In an Adorable Jewellery Dish

You want a way to announce your engagement that truly reflects your devotion to each other, right? If you both got engagement rings, what better way to do it than with matching jewellery dishes? You can get them custom-made with your names, His or Hers, or other another little message. We think heart-shaped dishes are a romantic option!

In a Hand-crafted Birds Nest

This one is a lovely option, especially if you’ve recently moved in together. Get some twigs and weave your own little birds nest, place the rings inside and you’ve got the perfect Kodak moment going to let everyone know about your upcoming wedding!

At Raffini Jewellers, we’re all for romance and doing engagements right. If you’re thinking of getting engaged, check out our beautiful range of engagement rings that you will adore.