High-quality custom-made Jewellery
  • Hayley

    18 Carat White Gold Engagement Ring, Featuring a 1 Carat Cushion cut diamond, in a Four Claw Setting, surrounded by Twenty 1pt Brilliant cut Diamonds,...

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  • Jackie

    18ct two-tone Engagement ring featuring an0.8ct round diamond flanked by two round brilliant cut diamonds in four claw setting. Also available in Yell...

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  • Jasmine

    Solitaire diamond engagement ring with a 1ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 6 claw setting  in 18ct white gold band. Also available in Yellow gol...

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  • Yellow diamond engagement ring


    18 Carat White Gold engagement ring, featuring a 2.2ct Natural Fancy yellow Cushion Cut diamond set in a Four-double claws setting with fourteen 2pt b...

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  • Jillian

    Platinum Engagement Ring, with 1 Carat Pear Shape Diamond set in a Three Claw setting, surrounded by seventeen diamonds around the halo and sixteen di...

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  • Joy

    Diamond engagement ring with 1ct brilliant cut diamond in an elevated 4 claw setting with fourteen brilliant cut diamond channel set in a 3mm wide 18c...

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  • Juanita

    Platinum engagement ring set with 1.8 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond in a Four Claw setting, with V opening on either side. Also available in Yellow and ...

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  • Juliet

    18ct white gold dress ring, bead set with an oval brilliant cut diamond in the centre surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds. 18ct White or Yellow...

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  • Kristen

    18ct white Gold Engagement ring, featuring a 1 Carat Emerald Cut Diamond in a Four claw setting, with eighteen Brilliant cut Diamonds surrounding it i...

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  • La Luna

    Diamond engagement ring with 1.2ct brilliant cut diamond in a 4 claw setting with ten 3pt diamonds channel set in a 3.6mm wide 18ct white gold band. A...

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  • Lavange

    18ct white gold engagement ring, set in 6 claws, with 1.5 mm brilliant cut diamonds pavé set om the shoulders with millgrain finish. The ring is hand...

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  • Lucia

    18 Carat Engagement Ring set with 1.4 Carat Brilliant Cut Diamond in a Four claw Setting with Twenty Six 1.5pts Diamond in a serrated setting. Also av...

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  • Luckie

    Diamond engagement ring with 1.5ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 4 claw setting with round brilliant-cut diamonds novo set on a platinum band. Also...

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  • Malini

    18ct Yellow Gold engagement ring, set with a 2.03ct Natural Burmese Oval Ruby, With split shoulders band Pavé set with brilliant cut diamonds. Also a...

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  • Meghan

    Diamond engagement ring featuring a 1.5ct diamond flanked by pink and colourless diamonds novo set on a Platinum band. Also available in yellow go...

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  • Melruth

    Diamond engagement ring with 0.6ct round brilliant cut diamond in a 6 claw setting with round brilliant-cut diamonds novo set in an 18ct White Gold ba...

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Premium Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings in the Sydney CBD

There’s something special about a brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. The sparkle of the diamond catches the light and draws the eye, making it the perfect symbol of love.

Raffini Jewellers have over a decade of experience delivering custom-designed round shape, brilliant cut diamond engagement rings from our workshops in the Sydney CBD. We have an intimate understanding of what couples are looking for to celebrate this special time in their lives, and enjoy working closely with them to develop something they will cherish for a lifetime.

Find Your Round Shape, Brilliant Cut Diamond Ring with Raffini Jewellers

In our design and creation of brilliant cut diamond engagement rings in the Sydney CBD, our specialists at Raffini Jewellers appreciate how important it is to keep in mind the four Cs: cut, colour, clarity, and carat weight.

A diamond’s cut will determine its level of sparkle. A well-cut diamond will reflect light evenly and create a bright, fiery brilliance. The angle of the cut also affects the way the light reflects off of the diamond, so it’s important to choose brilliant cut diamond engagement rings.

Colour and clarity are other important factors to consider when shopping for round shape, brilliant cut diamond engagement rings. White is the most popular, however, they are also available in yellow, pink, blue and more. In addition, the clearer the diamond, the more sparkle it will offer.

Finally, carat weight affects both the size and the price of the ring. Choose a weight that is right for you and your budget.

Discover More from Our Selection of Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

If you would like to learn more about our selection of brilliant cut diamond engagement rings in the Sydney CBD, or any of our other designer services available, please contact us at Raffini Jewellers today. Call us directly on (02) 9233 6770, send an email to raffini@raffinijewellers.com.au, leave your details on our online enquiry form,  or reach out through Facebook & Instagram. We look forward to working with you!