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Platinum Jewellery – Eternity Wrapped in Beauty

Platinum Jewellery- Eternity Wrapped in Beauty

Are you standing inside a jewellery store puzzled which piece to buy and gift your beloved this anniversary? We have a suggestion. Platinum jewellery will definitely suit the occasion as platinum is known for its eternal appeal. So, your relationship with your beloved will stand strong through the test of times. Moreover, platinum is one of the rarest of metals with never ending charm which is why it is the choice of the fashionista and royalty alike. The brilliant white lustre of platinum radiates into the lives of people possessing it.

Platinum is ideal for modern jewellery because of its simple but powerful nature. With its high durability, platinum is the best metal to hold precious stones like diamond. Due to its flexibility platinum can be carved with delicate designs holding diamonds. Hence, this metal holds some of the world’s most beautiful diamonds like Koh-i-Noor, the Jonker I and Hope. Moreover, world’s best jewellery designers including Louis Cartier, Tiffany hold platinum in their highest regard. Many platinum engagement rings have been preserved by people all across the world and worn as family heirlooms.

However, buying this prized metal crafted into a fine piece of jewellery requires a few pointers. You must know that platinum jewellery is not made with 100% pure platinum. Usually, it is mixed with osmium, palladium, ruthenium, iridium, and rhodium. Sometimes cobalt or copper are also mixed with platinum to transform the metal into a jewellery piece. The price of the piece is generally determined by the percentage of pure platinum inside it. Hence, while buying find out what percentage of pure platinum is contained in the item and also if it is tarnish and scratch resistant, lustrous and hypoallergenic.

When buying platinum jewellery, you need to be a bit careful. You must check the labels on them. If you find 850 Plat imprinted on the label, then the piece contains 85 percent pure platinum and 15 percent of other platinum alloys. If you see 800 Pt. 200 pd. marked on the item then you will understand that it contains 80 percent platinum and 20 percent palladium. Likewise a piece marked 750 Pt. 250 Rh. will mean 75% pure platinum and 25% rhodium. Any item containing less than 50% of pure platinum cannot be considered as platinum jewellery. Always check the hallmark to avoid any confusion between platinum and white gold. Platinum jewellery gives great value for money since it is extremely durable and its shiny texture lasts for years.