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Trending Jewellery

Trending Jewellery

To add the perfect finishing touch to your wardrobe this summer here are three of the top trends this summer.

1. Statement pieces are a must and chunky is the way to go. Over-sized gold hoops, chandelier earrings and statement cuffs are just some examples of fashionable trends this season. Necklaces are ideal statement pieces as they are usually seen first. The wonderful thing about chunky jewellery is that it can be worn during any occasion. Eye-catching jewellery can be worn at a formal event or at the beach. They can transform a simple outfit into one that is stylish and bold.

2. Layering jewellery is another hot look this summer. Stacked gold bracelets, necklaces or even rings are an exciting way to add sparkle to your look. Combining necklaces of different lengths looks cheerful and festive. Do not overdo it, however, with too many layers. Remember that if you choose to layer bracelets, for example, keep the rest of your jewellery simple to avoid cluttering your appearance. Clothing should also steer clear of highly patterned or sequinned fabrics. Choosing sleek, simple outfits will balance the energy of the layered jewellery.

3. Floral jewellery is also high on list of trends blooming as the weather warms up. Many high-end fine jewellery houses have featured floral designed jewellery in their recent collections. Flowers epitomise femininity and combine perfectly with the sparkle and beauty of diamonds. The wonderful aspect of floral designs is that they can incorporate brightly coloured gemstones and crystals, exquisite pearls and metals of different colours and finishes. Floral designs in a statement necklaces or cocktail rings are a perfect way to dress-up the spring/summer season.