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  • Wave

    18ct White Gold patterned dress Ring. 9ct White or Yellow Gold: $1,650 (incl. GST) 18ct White or Yellow Gold: $2,250 (incl. GST) Also available in Yel...

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  • Zen

    18ct White Gold wedding band, 5 mm wide with a matt satin finish, divided by a high polish fine groove. 9ct White or Yellow Gold: $1,200 (incl. GST) 1...

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  • Zenith

    18ct two-tone 5 mm wide wedding band, with a wide matt white gold section and a high polished yellow gold section. 9ct White or Yellow Gold: $1,150 ...

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  • Zeus

    Two tone, 18ct White and Yellow Gold 5 mm wide wedding band, with a wide matt yellow gold section and one high polished white gold section. 9ct White ...

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White gold is the metal of choice for couples seeking elegance and sophistication from their wedding rings. White gold is an alloy of gold, that contains at least one other white metal, such as silver and palladium, to transform it into a white colour. Similar to yellow gold, the pureness of the white gold is measured by Karat. Our white gold jewellery collection is mainly manufactured from 18K white gold which is 75% pure gold and 25% various other white coloured metals.

Since there is significant amount of pure gold in the alloy, it will always appear ’yellowish’ to ’pale grey’. As a result, in order to enhance its colour, the white gold goes through a’ Rhodium Plating’ process. The Rhodium plating will coat the white gold with a thin layer of rhodium to give it greater depth of colour and shine.

Raffini Jewellers are highly experienced in custom-made wedding rings in various styles and designs, including White Gold wedding rings. The gallery above showcases our unique custom made White Gold wedding bands, however any aspect of the ring designs you see above may be changed to suit your preference from Diamond Shape to metal choice.

Raffini Jewellers cater for all your needs and requirements when creating your ideal White Gold wedding ring. View our extensive range of ready-made White Gold wedding bands in our gallery. Any aspect of the ring designs you see may be changed to suit your preference or budget.

Alternatively If you have an image or idea of your ideal wedding ring, Raffini Jewellers invite you to make an appointment to receive an obligation free quote.

Raffini Jewellers are committed to delivering the highest quality jewellery at the best possible prices. With our low overheads, we can pass the savings on to you. Experience the joy of owning the best wedding ring within your budget.