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What is Palladium

What is Palladium

Palladium is the new sensuous, sensitive and tough metal in the world of jewellery. Its lustre makes it stands out and its hue, which is silvery white, makes it unique. Palladium is a rare metal and since 2010 it has been officially recognised as a precious metal. It is generally removed while dismantling electronic goods. Palladium is normally used in an alloyed form to create jewellery pieces. The metal was named after the asteroid Pallas by William Hyde Wollaston in 1803. It resembles platinum but is the least dense of all the metals in its group with the lowest melting point. Its atomic number is 46 and chemical code is Pd.

Palladium is a tarnish resistant and ductile metal often associated with gold, copper and nickel. White gold is created by blending gold with palladium which is highly in demand in the current jewellery scenario. Belonging to the group of platinum, rhodium and iridium it has certain inherent qualities shared by all these metals. However, palladium is chemical erosion resistant and it can also resist intense heat. It is one of the most electrically stable metals. All these characteristics of palladium make it highly durable and skin friendly when used in jewellery. It is also light in weight making it one of the best choices for fine jewellery.

Russia is the world’s top producer of palladium followed by South Africa, Canada and USA. It is rapidly becoming a luxurious choice for jewellers who love to combine their imagination with innovative creations. Experimental jewellers are using palladium instead of platinum and silver for their fine jewellery collection. Since palladium is light weight with low density it allows better space for bolder designs on jewellery pieces. Since it is naturally white and durable, it is quite a low maintenance metal. Once you buy a palladium jewellery piece, it will last forever.

Palladium has made luxury affordable to the fashionista. With its anti-allergic qualities it is rapidly becoming the most favourite metal of fashion lovers. In the present market scenario, palladium offers style and durability at a lesser price than gold or platinum. Hence, it has become the most suitable and popular substitute to the precious metals. It is a smart choice for your wedding day and a cool one as well. It saves money in the long run because it is tarnish resistant increasing the life of your jewellery items. Palladium rings are by far the most popular forms of jewellery made from the metal, but other forms of jewellery are also equally accessible.