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Why everybody is going green?

Why everybody is going Green with Emeralds?

The popularity of emeralds has grown manifold over the last 5 years. The trend may have been triggered when Angelina Jolie famously wore stunning emerald jewellery to the 2009 Oscars and perpetuated by stars like Blake Lively who seems to love stylish emerald earrings. Now, gemstone and jewellery experts are of the view that with the given popularity of emeralds, diamonds are being given a run for their money. Colombian emeralds are said to be the most popular ones with their prices increasing rapidly.

The lofty prices of emeralds can be attributed to our enduring attraction to the enigmatic gemstone over the ages. Right from Cleopatra to the Maharaja, men and women of power have worn it through the ages as a symbol of status and also in the belief that emeralds hold talismanic power.

The popularity of emeralds also stems from the fact that it is one the rarest of gemstones. Themajority of emeralds are mined from Colombia, Zambia and Brazil and sent to Jaipur for cutting and given a nice shape which make them appear stunning. The dark green hue of emeralds is also responsible for making the gemstones popular. Under sunlight an emerald appears especially and beautifully vivid. It is a stone that radiates warmth which is quite alluring to the people wearing it. A survey has revealed that people possessing different kinds of expensive gemstones nurture a secret desire to possess an emerald.

History has it that emperors from the Mughal dynasty established a connection between divinity and this precious gemstone by inscribing verses from Koran on them. Some of these emeralds can be found in museums all over the world for display. The world’s largest emerald is known by the name of Mogul Emerald weighing 217.80 carats. The historical significance of the stones also contributes to its popularity. In fact, Napoleon III declared green as the imperial colour which triggered the interest of the aristocracy to possess this gemstone.

The colour green is the colour of nature that nurtures us and therefore emerald is believed to have a rejuvenating effect on the lives of people wearing it in any form in rings, necklaces and earrings. It is a hard stone and hence is scratch resistant which also contributes to a large extent to the fame of the gemstone. One word of caution; since it is an immensely popular stone you might end up buying a fake one. Be wary of that.