The main point of difference between the 18ct and 9ct Gold is the amount of pure Gold present in them. 18ct gold jewellery is comprised of 75% of pure gold and the remaining 25% is made up of other metals. In contrast 9ct gold jewellery contains 37.5% pure Gold and the remaining 62.5% of other metals. Another factor that differentiates 18ct gold from 9ct is the colour. As a result, the high proportion of pure gold in an18ct gold jewellery makes it more expensive than the 9ct gold jewellery. Click here for further information

All our Diamonds are independently certified by reputable Diamond Laboratories such as GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), GSL (Gem Studies Laboratory) or DCLA (Diamond Certification Lab of Australia). At Raffini jewellers we arrange for an independent diamond grading certificate with all diamonds over 0.30ct. In cases where certificates are needed, we can provide one through DCLA. Every diamond engagement ring that has a significantly sized diamond should come with an Independent Diamond Certificate. This confirms the quality of the diamond. A certificate from the actual retailer may not be an accurate report of the diamond.

Diamond Certificates outline in detail the quality of your diamond, including diamond carat size, diamond colour, diamond cut, diamond clarity etc.

Absolutely. We are uniquely based to offer this experience. We believe buying an engagement ring is an exciting experience, therefore we believe witnessing your Diamond being set in the engagement ring is a unique experience in itself. We are happy to provide this service at a time to suit your convenience.

Yes we do, sometimes it’s hard to make a decision when buying a jewellery gift for someone close to you, like daughter’s 21st or mother’s day gift. We have Gift vouchers that can be used towards the purchase of a piece of jewellery from our wide range of stock display. Click here for more information

Yes, we do provide lay-by. For larger diamonds sales an initial deposit of 50% is required, and the rest paid in 4 equal instalments spread over 4 months. Click here for further information

At Raffini jewellers, we pride ourselves on honesty and integrity. All our custom made engagement rings come with an independent valuation. The valuation can be used for insurance purposes, or as a second opinion in regards to the specification of the jewellery.

Each Custom made jewellery has its own production time. On average you should allow around 4 weeks until completion.

The cost of an engagement ring is determined by 2 factors, mainly the cost of the centre stone, Diamond or coloured gemstone, and the type of metal, gold or platinum. You can view our ring gallery for prices, which covers the ring and the side stones, but excludes the centre stone.

At Raffini jewellers we specialise in custom made jewellery. If you have a design in mind, we strive to create your vision into reality. If you are in need of a unique design that suits your personality, we will help you with ideas to reach a design that uplifts and inspires you.

At Raffini jewellers we only source natural coloured gemstones. We sell rubies, emeralds, sapphires and tourmalines amongst others gemstones. Feel free to contact us to arrange time to see our precious gemstones. Click here for further information

Through our extensive experience in making engagement rings for couples, we believe the best option for men, in order to make this experience successful and memorable, is to propose with only the diamond. We provide you with the diamond in an elegant glassed box. Later we can design the engagement ring at your convenience.

Yes, we ask for a 50% of the total amount at the start, and the rest at the completion of the piece. Click here for further information

Yes, we can utilise your Diamond to design your desired engagement ring.

When buying a diamond, quality is determined by four factors commonly known as the 4 Cs – Carat Weight, Clarity, Colour and Cut. Please refer to our education section for thorough information.

At Raffini jewellers we have simplified the process of buying an engagement ring. In order to make your experience of buying an engagement ring pleasant and stress free, we have established the 4 step journey.

  1. Based on your budget, we design the engagement ring and source the diamonds or gemstones.
  2. You will have a viewing of the design and the gems.
  3. We create the custom made engagement ring.
  4. Finally, we set the diamond into the setting and get an independent valuation ready for collection.

Raffini jewellers offer you the opportunity to resize your ring once at no cost, after the purchase of a custom made ring ( conditions apply). However, please note that this service can only be provided for certain types of rings and designs. Please read more here.

Raffini Jewellers is committed to delivering high standard jewellery. We pride ourselves on the superb quality craftsmanship that goes into every piece of jewellery that we create. Therefore, we can confidently and proudly offer a lifetime guaranty on all our custom made jewellery.

Our lifetime warranty covers all custom made jewellery that has Diamonds, Coloured Gemstones and Natural Pearls. This covers any defective materials or workmanship. In order to retain this warranty, we ask you to bring the item back for a yearly free check-up. This includes checking the gemstones are securely held in settings.
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One of the questions most often arising, when deciding on a piece of white coloured jewellery, is whether to have it made in Platinum or White Gold. Both metals, being white, look identical to a certain extent, however the similarities end there. White Gold is somewhat light grey in colour and needs Rhodium Plating to make it shiny. Platinum is very dense, its density is somewhat twice that of Gold. As a result the cost of a Platinum ring is more than double that of a gold ring. Click here for further information