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The Best Destinations to Buy Jewellery Around the World

Jewellery shopping around the world can be a great adventure, especially if you know where to go for it. There are several destinations all around the world that are renowned for their gold, silver and jewels, whether it be from a historical perspective or as a newly emerging trend. When travelling, it’s always a wonderful idea to get a souvenir that will last, one that is special and brings back memories of that place. This is especially true for wearable souvenirs, which are also great for supporting local craftspeople and the economy. Here are a few places where you can jewellery shop to your heart’s content.


The Gold Souk, Dubai

For all things gold, one of the best place to visit is the Gold Souk in Dubai. It’s a glamorous, luxurious, traditional Arabic market where one can peruse hundreds of retailers selling their gold wares. Come here for a bit of culture and to haggle with the dealers. It’s said that approximately 10 million tonnes of gold is present in the market at any one time.


Ponte Vecchio, Florence

A jewellery shopping precinct with a difference! Said to have been first built during Roman times, in the 17th century the scenic bridge became home to numerous jewellery merchants, and these days it’s a top pick for a stroll and to pick up a glittering keepsake.


Marrakech, Morocco

If you’re a fan of colourful, exotic jewels, head to the souks of Marrakech. Mellah, the Jewish Quarter, is the best place to source your souvenirs directly from the craftspeople. Otherwise, you can get lost exploring the labyrinthine markets hunting for the perfect purchase. Joanna Bristow, Jewels, Gallerie Al Yel, and the Khalid Art Gallery are shops to look out for.


Geneva, Switzerland

If luxury and well-made watches are your bag, then Geneva is the place to go. Historically, it’s a city where the best watch-makers live and practice their craft, and where such classic brands as Swatch, Piaget, Expace Temps and Bucherer have famous outlets. There is also beautiful jewellery along Rue du Mont Blanc and Rue des Paquis too.


Sydney, Australia

Sydney is a wonderful stop to buy quality jewellery from talented artisans, with some makers honing their craft here for several generations in family businesses. Raffini Jewellers is the perfect place to start for high-quality, handcrafted with love dress, engagement and wedding rings. You’ll find something to suit your tastes with the broad range of ready-made or unique custom jewellery at Raffini’s.