You may have decided that you prefer your engagement ring to feature a precious gemstone such as a sapphire, ruby or emerald. There are many examples of stunning engagement rings featuring a precious gemstone surrounded by diamonds. The beauty of custom designed jewellery is that you are given the opportunity to participate in the design, making your engagement ring all that more special and personal. Raffini Jewellers offer expert opinion and service when it comes to designing custom made precious gemstone engagement rings.

When designing a custom made engagement ring, the centrepiece stone is a key element impacting the design. Raffini Jewellers are have a variety of loose diamonds and coloured gemstones to suit your budget. Whether the centrepiece is a diamond or a precious gemstone, the shape and size will determine which design will best complement the stone. Other elements of the ring design to consider are the metal (yellow gold, white gold or platinum) and whether other diamonds or precious gemstones will be added to the ring. At Raffini Jewellers, we will consult with you at every stage of the process to ensure that the end product meets your expectations.

The picture Gallery shows our range of ready-made engagement rings. Any aspect of the rings may be changed to suit your individual preference. We welcome you to make an appointment to try the rings on, in order to make the decision process easier.