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Diamonds Are Forever

All throughout history, diamonds have been classified as rare and precious jewels, affiliated with wealth, class or romance. Valued and admired for their incredible beauty, the sparkle and the unique physical attributes of diamonds have for centuries amazed those lucky enough to find such precious jewels. Across the globe, diamonds are prized as items of jewellery.

Diamonds throughout the ages

Diamonds are the hardest and most durable of all the precious stones. The word ‘diamond’ itself is derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which translates to ‘unconquerable’. First thought to have been discovered in India, diamonds have been treasured as precious gemstones ever since. The people there used diamonds in special religious ceremonies, and they were considered valuable due to their ability to refract light. Diamonds in this time were used as either decoration for protection against evil forces.

During the Dark Ages, a term used to describe the deterioration that occurred in Western Europe during the decline of the Roman Empire also known as the ‘Middle Ages’, it was believed that diamonds held medicinal value. As severe illness plagued people in this era, some tried ingesting diamonds to aid in the body’s recovery, believing that the stones had magical properties.

In the 19th century the popularity of diamonds increased due to an increased supply and improvements in cutting and polishing techniques. Due to growth in world economy and successful advertising campaigns, diamonds became more accessible to the everyday person, not just the extremely wealthy. Diamonds also became highly sought after due to their portrayal in the media as a top status symbol. This was exemplified with the film Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend starring blonde bombshell and internationally recognised movie star Marilyn Monroe.

A symbol of eternal love

Prized throughout several centuries, diamonds are often used to express feelings of love and romance, due to their attributes of beauty and durability. Today, engagement rings may feature a beautiful diamond to communicate the promise of everlasting love.

The tradition of diamond rings being given for engagements by suiters is believed to have originated from Austria, when Archduke Maximilian gifted Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring upon their engagement in 1477. Since then, the tradition of diamond engagement rings has continued to evolve.

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