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How to Drop Hints About the Engagement Ring Style You Want

Maybe you and your partner have already discussed getting engaged. Maybe they’ve even “hypothetically” asked you. Or maybe they’re simply acting cagey and you’re starting to suspect that they’re planning the perfect proposal.

While most of us would be happy with whatever style ring our partners chose for us, we know that little hints to point them in the right direction are always appreciated. But short of going ring shopping together or directly providing pictures of the ones you like – where’s the fun in that? – how can you drop hints about the style they should be looking for?

Here’s our short but sweet list of ways to drop hints to your SO about the type of engagement ring you want.

  1. Circle ring styles in a catalogue and leave it on the kitchen bench

Most of us still get “junk” mail catalogues. Why not have a browse through when you’re bored and circle a few styles? No one has to know you left it out on purpose!

  1. Start a Pinterest board of the different rings you like

This one might need some extra help if your SO is not on Pinterest as well. Maybe share your board on Facebook or ask your sibling or close friend to share the link with them.

  1. Ask your friend to go shopping with them

You can directly tell your friend what you want so they can pass this on, or more than likely they know you so well that you won’t even need to tell them.

  1. The casual commentary

Just look at your Facebook feed. Half of your friends are getting engaged and sharing pictures of their rocks. When you’re sitting on the couch, why not show them some pictures and point out the things you like and don’t like about your friend’s new rings?

  1. The quick window shop

You’re going grocery shopping together and happen to walk past the jewellery store. Pause in your walk and admire the display. When they try to pull you away, quickly point out the style you like and move along. If they’re thinking about proposing, they’ll definitely be taking mental notes.

Bonus: let them surprise you

At the end of the day, your SO may pay attention to your hints, or maybe they’ve already got the perfect ring in mind for you. Whatever they choose, we’re sure when they pop the question, you won’t really care whether it has a princess or oval shaped diamond. Besides, if in a few years you’re not in love with it, we can always remodel it for you.