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The following is a list of Gemstones and precious metals corresponding with specific anniversaries. To mark that special occasion, use our comprehensive list to facilitate your decision and to render the outcome a memorable and unique one.

1st Anniversary Gold 19th Anniversary Aquamarine
2nd Anniversary Garnet 20th Anniversary Emerald
3rd Anniversary Pearl 21th Anniversary Iolite
4th Anniversary Blue Topaz 22nd Anniversary Spinel
5th Anniversary Sapphire 23rd Anniversary Topaz
6th Anniversary Amethyst 24th Anniversary Tanzanite
7th Anniversary Onyx 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee
8th Anniversary Tourmaline 30th Anniversary Pearl Jubilee
9th Anniversary Lapis Lazuli 35th Anniversary Emerald
10th Anniversary Diamond 40th Anniversary Ruby
11th Anniversary Turquoise 45th Anniversary Sapphire
12th Anniversary Jade 50th Anniversary Golden Jubilee
13th Anniversary Citrine 55th Anniversary Alexandrite
14th Anniversary Opal 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee
15th Anniversary Ruby 65th Anniversary Blue Spinel
16th Anniversary Peridot   75th Anniversary Diamond
17th Anniversary Watches 80th Anniversary Ruby Jubilee
18th Anniversary Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl