High-quality custom-made Jewellery


The word Platinum comes from the Spanish word platina, which means “little silver” and is the metal choice of jewellery connoisseurs. In contrast to Gold, Platinum used in jewellery is virtually in its pure form (around 95%). This vivid white metal exhibits superior characteristics that differentiate its self from Gold. For instance, Platinum is extremely hard-wearing, very dense and heavy metal, and comparatively speaking a piece of Platinum jewellery feels heavier than an 18ct Gold jewellery. Platinum, unlike 18ct white gold, being white colour in its pure form does not need to be rhodium plated in order to revitalise its brilliant white colour.

Platinum is however considerably more expensive than Gold. In fact a Platinum engagement ring compared to an 18ct white gold ring, with exact same details, will be almost twice the price.

Platinum’s appeal and reputation amongst famous people has made it a fashionable option to use in engagement rings and wedding rings.