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Lockets The Key To deepest secrets

Lockets- The Key to Deepest Secrets

Lockets are basically pendants which open to reveal a space used for storing photographs, love notes, ashes, a lock of hair or other small items of significance. A locket has an inherent mysterious quality because onlookers can never know what is contained inside a locket. It is believed that a locket holds the deepest secrets of the heart and is generally personalized by the wearer, adding a touch of sentimentality. This is the quality of a locket that makes it unique among other jewellery items worn by people around the world. The locket, apart from holding a piece of the dearest object inside, also has initials or messages inscribed on them.

The origin of a locket is quite obscure. At least no documents ascribed to the origin of lockets has been found anywhere in the world. Due to lack of evidence, the ambiguity regarding the history of lockets has remained constant and it has been impossible to trace its origin. However, only one fact has been known, that is the earliest locket was worn by a lady of royal lineage with Charles I’s photo hidden inside. She hid the locket inside her garb and appeared at the Commonwealth in 1649-60. From then on ladies started wearing perfumed lockets known as vinaigrette lockets and kept them close to their hearts. Perfumed lockets were made in filigree pattern with a tiny cushion in the middle to hold perfume drops.

Some historians believed that the origin of locket can be traced back to the medieval times when people used towear precious items in trinket boxes and kept them close to their hearts. Though it is debatable whether they resembled the ones used during the Victorian period and for the same purpose. Victorians used to wear lockets in memory of their loved ones; to keep them close to their heart always. This is the most common purpose of wearing a locket even in this age. The most fascinating thing about lockets is that each and every piece has a story to tell. The hinged doors can hold so many secrets of so many people wearing it.

Lockets are generally worn around neck with chains. They are available in various shapes which include heart, circle, oval, leaf and many more. It is a nicely decorated jewellery item made from precious metals like gold and silver. Lockets are also perceived as lucky charms by many. There are spinner lockets and then there are others that can hold up to 8 pictures. Keepsake lockets, especially those holding locks of hair, have a glass enclosure so that the lock can be visible from outside. Some locket buttons from the era of World War I have been discovered with hidden compasses in them made from astounding techniques.