Ring Resizing and Design Modification Policy

Ring resizing:

At Raffini Jewellers we check your finger size and make the ring accordingly. We do offer one free resizing within 3 months of the purchase. However, in a rare case where a resizing is required more than once within the 3 months of the purchase date, we will quote first and resize it upon your approval.

Our free resizing service does not extend to the following circumstances:

  • Where the finger size is not measured by Raffini jewellers.
  • Where the finger size is based on the size of a another ring provided by the client.
  • Eternity rings or rings that have diamonds or coloured gemstones set all the way around.
  • Rings made in Titanium.
  • Rings not made by Raffini Jewellers.
  • Rings with engravings inside.
  • Requests for a re-size due to change in body or climate conditions.
  • Requests for a re-size after 3 months of the purchase date.

If resizing is needed, outside the free resizing service, a quote is prepared and resizing is carried out upon your approval.

Design modification:

Raffini Jewellers strive to translate as accurately as possible your ideas into actual jewellery. Therefore it is our policy to consult with you every step during the making of your jewellery piece. Your total satisfaction is our goal. After receiving your approval we make your jewellery to the exact specification outlined in the design. At this stage we ask for your approval of the product. If any minor modifications are requested, for example curving the edges, resizing the ring or reducing the width, we make those adjustments. Once the final approval is given by you, we set the gemstones and prepare your item for collection.

Any major changes requested outside the approved design, or a change of mind will incur additional charges.