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Tennis Bracelet – Fascinating Moniker for a Splendid Jewellery

No jewellery best blends fashionably quirky with unrestrained elegance like the diamond tennis bracelet. There is only handful of jewellery that has garnered such unrivalled popularity and successfully managed to sustain the fame like the tennis bracelet. Even before this thin string of glitzy diamonds got its unique name, it was a perennial choice for stylish women around the world. You may wonder how this minimalist piece of ornament earned the coinage of ‘tennis bracelet’, a term that has only added to its glam quotient. The history of this unique piece of jewellery has an interesting story behind it.

The story originated with the ever so stunning Chris Evert losing her elegant diamond bracelet, split during an ongoing game in the 1987 U.S. Open. She stopped the game to hunt for and retrieve it. Since then, the captivating moniker has stuck and ‘tennis bracelet’ joined the league of extraordinary jewellery. However, you need not be a tennis player to flaunt this mesmerizing jewellery.

Essentially a thin wristlet embedded with a sleek row of diamonds on its surface, the tennis bracelet is a smart choice for women who prefer minimalist and zero-fuss jewellery that does away with the troubles of heavy and intricate bangles. Flexible shape and lightweight structure make it easy for users to avoid maintenance hassles. Unlike Evert, ensure that your tennis bracelet includes a safety clasp to secure the expensive jewellery item from falling off anywhere –whether on the court or in a party.

Diamond tennis bracelets showcase inline diamonds on a meandering and versatile structure. Depending on your personal style preferences, opt for a subtly clean style or a swanky double-helix bracelet to compliment your dress and the occasion. You may choose to play with colours by interspersing the transparent diamonds with different coloured stones ranging from emeralds, rubies, aquamarines, to canary yellow, blue, or black diamonds. If you fail to come across a tennis bracelet that best matches your imagination at a jewellery store, you can have one custom-made at a budget that suits you.

Tennis bracelets are undoubtedly a classy accessory to your corporate, party, and sporty look. They add a sprinkle of glamour to your everyday wear as well as to party getups, lending a touch of style and sophistication.  And the high point of this jewellery design is the constellation of diamonds that make it irresistibly arresting and sensational. Start making chic statements with your diamond tennis bracelet.