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Over the Top Wedding Ideas We Adore

Everyone dreams about their fairy tale wedding. Be it in a beautiful garden, an historic church or on a beach; a huge bash with friends and family or just something small and intimate, as long as it’s a true representation of your love and who you are as a couple, it doesn’t matter what you do. However, sometimes it’s fun to let your imagination run wild when planning the special day, and think up wild and elaborate ideas for your ceremony or reception. Here are a few kooky ideas we think would create a lasting impression and a fun atmosphere…


A Barbershop Quartet

If you or your partner adore anything vintage or old-fashioned, or you just love music and a bit of novelty, why not hire a barbershop quartet to entertain the guests? It will be something you’ll all remember for years to come, and everyone can sing along with all the old-timey classics, from love songs to up-beat ditties.


An Ice Sculpture

The epitome of opulence, an ice sculpture centrepiece will be sure to get everyone talking. You may have seen them used as props during fancy soiree scenes in films, but they’re actually pretty easy to get for your own classy event. Get it carved into the shape of your initials, the pet you share together or anything else that represents you as the happy couple.


A Rose Petal Cannon

A fresh take on the classic confetti cannon. Instead of using confetti for your grand entrance or exit, why not use something a little bit more environmentally friendly, such as pretty rose petals? It will be sure to create a romantic atmosphere and a dramatic effect.


A Snow Machine

In the same vein as the rose petal cannon and for another fairy tale effect, why not hire a snow machine for when you walk down the aisle? Just picture it: dreamy and ethereal flakes of snow swirling around you as you walk towards your beloved as they wait for you at the alter…there won’t be a dry eye in the house.


At Raffini Jewellers, we’re all about all kinds of weddings with all kinds of people… but first, you need to get the rings sorted, be it the engagement ring or wedding bands. Come in and chat to us about what you’re looking for, and get the perfect jewellery for the occasion.