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What colour gemstone should I buy?

What colour gemstone should I buy?

Precious and semi-precious gemstones are bought by millions of people every year in every country for various purposes. People wear gemstone studded jewellery for fashion, because of different kind of beliefs and sometimes just to feel special or different. The colour of the gemstone one buys is determined by various factors.

A wedding is one big occasion to buy jewellery and gemstone jewellery has always been in demand during the wedding season. If you are buying a gemstone wedding ring for your partner then the colour of the gemstone must be one to suit the taste and attire of your partner.

The traditional choice of colourless diamonds aside, adventurous couples may prefer alternative colouredgemstones to feature in their rings. A black gemstone in the form of agate, onyx diamond on your wedding ring signifies fidelity, health, prosperity, happiness and strength. Likewise a coral and ruby studded ring symbolises power, passion, love and energy. While emerald, jade and peridot ensures money, fertility and balance, aquamarine, lapis lazuli and blue topaz ensures strength, loyalty and good health. Depending on the kind of bond you share with your partner, you can have a wedding ring that reflects your partnership.

Another reason for buying colourful gemstones is the belief that they bringing good luck and fortune as suggested by astrological and numerological calculations. People who believe in such concepts buy gemstones according to their birth date, sign and zodiacs. Gemstones are attributed certain magical qualities and are believed to unleash talismanic powers associated with different planets and their positions. People who have faith in astrology believe that planetary positions influence their lives in various ways and that gemstones of particular colours will turn Lady Luck their way. Following are the months and the associated gemstones:
• Janury-Garnet
• February-Amethyst
• March-Aquamarine
• April-Diamond
• May-Emerald
• June-Pearl & Alexandrite
• July-Ruby
• August-Peridot
• September-Sapphire
• October-Opal
• November-Topaz
• December- Turquoise & Tanzanite

People also buy gemstones depending on the colour and type of outfits they wear. Price is also another factor determining the colour of the gemstone in the jewellery box. Most precious and semi-precious gemstones are available in different shades and the prices differ on the varying percentage of shades. Green Jade is the most expensive gemstone in the world now followed by red diamond, blue garnet and black opal.