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Blue Topaz or Turquoise December Birthstone

December Birthstone

Everybody loves good fortune and a smooth, trouble free life. Birthstones may provide that good luck and protection from possible mishaps. A birth stone, residing in a piece of jewellery worn by you, works towards bringing peace and harmony in your life along with other principles of well being. The month of December is however lucky enough to claim three brilliantly gorgeous gemstones as its birthstones and they are Turquoise, Zircon and Tanzanite, although only the first two are most commonly worn.

The blue topaz or turquoise is the primary birthstone of this month endowing patience, love and loyalty to its wearer. The blue topaz is meant to take away the blues of your life and grant you all success, prosperity, bliss and better fortune. The colour of this stone varies from greenish blue to sky blue and its opacity ranges from translucent to opaque. It is known as a symbol of love and when gifted or received as a gift it signifies affection. Since this gem is a pretty old discovery it’s associated with a lot of lore and superstitions – like it perfects your aim if you tie it to your gun, or offering it to the rain gods by throwing it into the river with a prayer will bring all the required rain and so on. The blue colour of the gem is said to represent heavens and the green the earth. It is also believed to have healing effects on eyes and inflammations and to protect you from diseases through regeneration and strengthening. A soft and porous stone, Turquoise, is famous with jewellery designers and is said to enhance creativity and spiritual association.

The alternate birthstone for this month, Zircon, is a gem available in plenty of colours like yellow, orange, blue,brown, green and even colourless. The most prized variety however is a red Zircon. This is considered to be a powerful stone helping you in relieving pain, whetting your appetite and ensuring a tranquil sleep without any nightmares. This is believed to prevent travellers from injury and diseases and assures a warm welcome wherever they go.

The secondary alternate birthstone of December is Tanzanite found essentially around the area of Tanzania in rich and gorgeous blue-violet or purple colour. This stone was found only in late 1960s and hence it has gained its popularity not through folk and traditional lore but only for its sheer beauty and aesthetic applications.