High-quality custom-made Jewellery

Diamond Jewellery

Timeless, elegant and stunning, diamonds have been revered for centuries and are spellbinding when used in fine jewellery.

Raffini Jewellers are experienced in creating custom made diamond jewellery including diamond engagement rings, eternity rings, diamond studs and diamond pendants. Raffini Jewellers can help you design the perfect diamond ring or diamond jewellery for any occasion.

As specialists in custom-made jewellery, Raffini Jewellers deliver exceptional service to produce diamond jewellery that is specifically designed to fulfil your expectations. If you have an idea or an image of your ideal piece of diamond jewellery, Raffini Jewellers’ uncompromising standards and professionalism ensure you will be satisfied with your custom made diamond jewellery. Not only will you be thrilled with your new diamond jewellery, you will also be pleasantly surprised at the very reasonable cost compared to jewellery retailers.

Raffini Jewellers cater for all your needs and requirements when creating the diamond jewellery you envision. We offer a range of loose diamonds for you to choose from and can discuss with you the characteristics of the diamonds you are interested in.

Further along the design process, we will discuss with you designs, settings and varieties of metals. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, consulting with you at every opportunity to make your diamond jewellery according to your vision. Read our Diamond Buying Guide for more information.

All diamonds purchased from us are independently certified by reputable Diamond Laboratories such as GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), GSL (Gem Studies Laboratory) or DCLA (Diamond Certification Lab of Australia).