High-quality custom-made Jewellery


In recent times sterling silver jewellery has seen an upsurge in popularity amongst fashion savvy consumers. Sterling Silver has all the right attributes to be considered as the metal of choice for costume jewellery.

Fine Silver is one of the most common precious metals ever found thus far, and its abundance in nature makes it an inexpensive one. Fine Silver, or Pure Silver, is rarely used for jewellery, because it is very soft. As a result, the most common used Silver in jewellery is Sterling Silver, which is 92.5 % Pure Silver and 7.5% copper. Comparatively Silver weighs around half the weight of Gold, and it possesses greater flexibility.

However, Sterling Silver unlike Gold tends to tarnish over time, especially in hot, humid climate. As It contains 7.5% copper, it will react with air pollutants, Tarnishing the surface of the Sterling Silver jewellery. Thus it is not advisable to wear as everyday jewellery.