High-quality custom-made Jewellery


The hardest natural metal ever found is Titanium. It is harder than steel and yet much lighter. One of the great attributes for using titanium in jewellery is its resilience to scratches and knocks. It is very safe for people with skin allergies to metals. As a result Titanium is gradually becoming a popular choice for wedding rings. The method for which Titanium is used in making jewellery is very different compared to other precious metals. For instance, because of its extreme hardness and strength, Titanium cannot be soldered, bent or filed. Also, when purchasing a Titanium ring, you have to bear in mind the fact that resizing it will be virtually impossible. The most popular jewellery made with Titanium is wedding rings. Men are predominantly more attracted to Titanium than women because its strength and resilience makes it last far longer than other precious metal jewellery.