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How to Match a Diamond to Her Personality

Diamonds are cut in many fanciful designs, however, clues to selecting the right shape can often be found in the lucky lady’s personality, style and taste in clothing.

At Raffini Jewellers, many men come to us questioning what shape they should be buying, so we’ve put together a few guidelines that will help you narrow down the choices when it comes to purchasing the perfect diamond:

Round is the most common diamond shape and they sparkle like no other. Brides who wear the round diamond consider themselves classic, traditional and timeless.

Princess is another common engagement ring shape. If she is flirty and lively, then the princess cut diamond is for her.

Emerald diamonds are very unique and are represent true originality. They produce a ‘hall of mirrors’, are elegant and boast a confident look. Brides who wear the emerald diamond are considered glamourous, confident and open to taking risks.

Marquise-shaped diamonds tend to look like footballs and the shape makes the diamond appear larger than it actually is. Celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Catherine Zeta-Jones have marquise-shaped diamond engagement rings to match their elegant and outgoing personalities.

Asscher-shaped diamonds are similar to the emerald cut, but instead of rectangle, they are of a square cut. Brides wearing an asscher diamond are vintage, unique, feminine and elegant.

Heart diamonds are one of a kind and are often worn by those wanting to symbolise their love. This ring is ideal for the ultimate feminine woman who is precious and embodies youthful energy.

Cushion-cut diamonds give the feeling of romance, clarity and grace. A century ago this was the most common used diamond in an engagement ring. It is perfect for fashionistas and romantics.

Oval diamonds are commonly used as a solitaire especially for brides with small hands or shorter fingers. If she is creative, bold and innovative, then this is the diamond for her.

Radiant diamonds are the hardest shape to find. This diamond gives off a chic look because of its balance between cushion and princess-cut diamonds. Brides who wear radiant diamonds consider themselves fun, flirty, and confident.

Pear diamonds are shaped like teardrops. The diamond itself is worn by having the tapered end towards the hand of the wearer. Brides wearing pear diamond rings are unique, fun and adventurous.

At Raffini Jewellers, our diamond specialists are always inspired and interested in helping you choose the diamond to best reflect her personality. Contact us today on 9233 6770 to find out more.