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May Birthstone – Emerald

Emerald – The Splendid May Birthstone

Think emerald, think splendour, serenity, and vitality. This gemstone boasts of a unique character

that individualizes it from the relatively common, transparent diamonds. Exuding an enchantingly intense and strikingly passionate greenish hue, emerald is a gemstone that belongs to a different league altogether. Emerald, also the birthstone for May, is the symbol of regeneration and new beginnings. It is assumed that emerald grants good fortune, verve, and foresight to the owner. The etymological origin of emerald lies in the Greek word ‘smaragdus’, denoting green. From its earliest history of discovery in 330 B.C. in Egypt to bedazzling the likes of Cleopatra, this precious stone has never ceased to inspire awe and charisma among its ardent admirers.

According to the traditional beliefs, a birthstone represents every month of the year. The concept of birthstones allegedly dates back to the story of Aaron. His breastplate was decorated with twelve gemstones symbolizing Israel’s the twelve tribes. Myths and Legends abound about the healing powers of the birthstone and its therapeutic influences. In keeping with the legends, the healing power of a gemstone is heightened when worn during the period of its corresponding month. And if we explore the popularity index of emerald as the May birthstone or otherwise, it certainly enjoys an overwhelming and unequivocal fame among jewellery aficionados.

Various mystical and healing powers are also attributed to this May birthstone. Ranging from improving intelligence and memory to dispensing a power of clairvoyance, emerald possesses numerous magical powers. Whether you believe in the powers of this birthstone of May or not, emerald has the unquestionable power of turning a simple ornament into something utterly flamboyant.
Superior emeralds can be effectively distinguished from the inferior options judging by the rich intensity and effervescence of its colour. The clarity of the gemstone also determines its quality and price. Fissures and inclusions in the stone are common and complete absence of both may indicate manmade modifications in it. The cut and carat of emerald are equally important aspects that you must consider before purchasing.

Today, the majority of the emeralds found and sold worldwide comes from the mines in Brazil, Colombia, Zambia, and Afghanistan. With limited availability of superior quality emeralds, different treatments are generally implemented to enhance clarity of a stone. Emeralds, irrespective of their origin, shape, and size make exquisitely beautiful statement jewelleries. A highly desirable precious jewel, the spellbinding charm and supposed magical qualities of emerald has contributed to its enduring élan and fame.