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September Birthstone The Sapphire

September Birthstone – The Sapphire

A birthstone is a gem or gemstone which you can wear embedded into any jewellery, mostly worn as rings and pendants, symbolizing your birth month according to the Gregorian calendar. They are believed to possess certain innate qualities and each different stone is traditionally associated with one of the twelve months of the year. You should wear the one synchronizing with your date of birth and it is thus believed to have a significant effect on your persona and energies. For the current month, September, the birthstone is Sapphire. Sapphire has been a popular stone since middle ages. Famous as “the Celestial stone”, the gemstone of the Greek God, Apollo, this sparkling blue gem doesn’t only have this traditional astrological significance but also looks gorgeous in jewellery. Its colour ranges from very light blue to dark greenish blue or bluish violet, however, the most popular and desired ones are those of a medium dark blue hue. Sapphire is a part of the corundum mineral that occurs in all colours of the rainbow which are caused by different impurities in its crystal, of which the red variety is known as ruby and the rest all are sapphire, which is why sapphire is also referred to as the relative gemstone of ruby.

Birthstones are worn as jewellery to gather positive energies from the universe which eventually shinesyour luck and protects you from evil. Similarly Sapphire is also known for its power to protect not only you but also your loved ones from any unwanted harm and envy. It represents and reflects a pure soul and is hence worn as a protection from worldly temptations because it enhances the influences of Venus in your life. During the middle ages it found its application even as a symbol of faithfulness and it was believed that it would darken and change its colour and luster if it’s on an unfaithful adulterer or adulteress. Sapphire is believed to bring in wisdom and patience in your life. It restores calm and prevents you from anger and irritability. It’s said that the stone holds so much pure power that if you put the stone in a container with snakes and reptiles, they would die. This gemstone is a symbol of truth, sincerity and also empowers you with strong intuitive insight. It’s not only your mind that is affected. It also leaves its effect on your health and helps in healing illness too, of the likes of fever, inflammation, hearing impairment and burns.

If you are born in the month of September wear the Sapphire to improve your health and gain peace of mind.