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The difference between the engagement ring and wedding ring band

What is the difference between the engagement ring and the wedding band?

Since ancient times, metal bands have featured significantly in sealing the ties of betrothal and weddings. Most of us cannot imagine a marriage or engagement without gorgeous rings adorning the hands of the couple. Throughout their elaborate and extensive history, the functions and qualities of the engagement ring and wedding bands are frequently intermingled. The question remains – what makes these two metal rings associated with the concept of matrimony mostly alike and yet so different. However, though these two beautiful pieces of jewellery are often flaunted by married women, they differ profoundly in numerous aspects.

Understand the differences between engagement ring and wedding band simply by identifying their fundamentally distinctive functions. The purpose of an engagement ring is to convey the couple’s betrothal to each other where a man gives the woman a ring before taking their wedding vows. This gesture and the ring signify the couple’s promise of an impending marriage. Wedding bands are exchanged on the wedding day and worn by a couple from the moment they seal their nuptial vows. For all the ensuing years of togetherness, both the engagement and wedding bands are sported by the wife whereas the man simply wears the wedding band instead of flaunting the engagement ring.

An engagement ring is usually a magnificent metal band decorated with precious jewels. It also garners more attention for its splendour and exquisiteness. An engagement ring is often portrayed as a public token of the couples’ affection as it silently announces the forthcoming marriage status of the pair. Traditionally, an engagement ring comes decked with a brilliant centre stone, typically a finely cut diamond of varied carat weights. However, instead of investing an exorbitantly priced diamond engagement ring, the couple can also opt for equally arresting yet comparatively inexpensive options like sapphire, ruby, or emerald studded engagement ring.

Generally, both these rings are worn on the ring finger of left hand. Though for many engagement rings are a priority, a wedding is never complete unless the couple changes the round and seamless wedding bands that symbolize a life of companionship, togetherness, and love – a journey that is equally smooth and endless. Wedding bands are simple in design and overall finish. Some couples also invest in diamond-studded wedding bands. The plain structure of the ring conveys the sentiment of the marriage – its sanctity and endurance for the years to come.