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Tips on buying a black diamond

Tips on Buying a Black Diamond

Black diamond is a rare piece of diamond which has swept the jewellery market of late. It has beaten every other coloured diamond in its demand and popularity due to its unique shade and the theory of its creation. Black diamonds are believed to have been created from supernovas and hence there is a mysterious quality about this diamond making it unrivaled in its popularity. A few decades back black diamonds were not that expensive. However, after the publishing of a research report conducted on them, black diamonds shot to fame and began selling at the same price as that of white diamonds.

As mentioned earlier natural black diamonds are rare. The ones often found as black masses are carbonados. They are usually treated for that flawless black colour. While buying black diamonds you must keep certain points in mind so as to avoid being cheated. Generally a black diamond is popular for its cut, its smooth surface and of course its rich jet black colour. Do not settle for anything less. In fact, diamonds in general are valued according to the 4Cs which are cut, colour, carat and clarity. Black diamonds are no exception.

Black diamonds have 16 facets which is known as a simple cut. The colour of a black diamond must be distributed evenly and the surface must be smooth, glossy and sparkling. Clarity in a diamond refers to flaws or inclusions and there are grades to check this which include AAA, AA+, AA, A and I1 with AAA being the superlative quality. Now, regarding the weight of the black diamond; it basically has a high density due to the colour. So, a 1 carat black diamond will appear smaller in size than a white one of the same weight. A real black diamond is little more brittle than the other forms.

When buying a black diamond check if it says GIA certified. The price of a certified diamond is high and anything lower than that price without a certification will be a fancy diamond which has been given a false colour. You can check the list of black diamonds along with their price tags on the internet. Compare the prices before purchasing. The edges of a black diamond appear dark brown in colour when placed under a fiber optic light. Be sure to find out about the vendor’s credentials and professional associations before buying the diamond.