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Ring size

It is essential to have the right finger size before ordering a custom made ring. At Raffini jewellers we strive to measure your finger size as accurately as possible.

Finger sizes can sometimes fluctuate by about quarter to half a size, depending on the climate, or if there is a change in the body condition. In most cases the ring can be resized. With some designs, however, it is very difficult to resize a ring without compromising its look or the safety of the stones. Examples of such rings include eternity rings, rings with coloured gemstones and rings made with titanium. In these cases a remake of the ring is advisable.

If you would like to know your finger size, please contact us and we are happy to send you a finger sizer through mail.

How to measure your partner’s finger size in secret:

The simplest option is, unknown to her, bring a ring that she wears to us and we can accurately measure the exact finger size. If this option is not possible, however, you can measure the inside circumference or diameter of her ring, and using the ring size chart below, match it to the corresponding finger size.

Ring size chart:

Inside diameter mm Inside circumference mm Finger Size
14.9 46.7  H
15.3 48 H 1/2
15.7 49.3 J 1/2
16.1 50.6 K 1/2
16.5 51.8 L 1/2
16.9 53.1 M 1/2
17.3 54.4 N 1/2
17.7 55.7 O 1/2
18.1  56.9 P 1/2
18.5 58.2 Q 1/2
18.9 59.5 R 1/2
19.4 60.8 S 1/2
19.8 62.1 T 1/2
20.2 63.3 U 1/2
20.6 64.6 V 1/2
21 65.9 W 1/2
21.4 67.2 X 1/2