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Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding rings are a speciality at Raffini Jewellers. Classic or contemporary, we ensure that the wedding ring complements your engagement ring. Wedding bands may be made from any precious metal and details/features will be tailored to your desire. We have a wide selection of men’s and women’s wedding bands which may also be personalised according to individual preferences.

The metal finish gives the ring its distinctive appearance. There are different varieties of textures to choose from. The choice, however, is quite personal. A wedding band reflects your personality and therefore you should choose a ring you feel comfortable wearing.

Below are some of the most popular metal finish styles.

High shine:

The most popular metal finish is high polish where the surface of the ring becomes highly reflective and shiny. Many clients go for this finish since the small band they are wearing on their fingers become more visible to the viewer despite its size. This sort of finish is mostly applied to wedding bands.


Matt or satin finish is a brushed look with a smooth surface. It produces less reflection and shine compared to high polish. This finish is often used as a background for gold rings which are set with a diamond stone. The Matt finish helps other parts of the ring to stand out more.


This textured look is achieved by using a brush that leaves brush strokes on the metal. The technique can be likened to the use of sandpaper on a metal.


Engravings on Wedding bands are very individualistic in their essence. A set of patterns are hand-engraved on the surface of the ring making it a truly unique wedding band. The pattern designs are endless. The choice is quite personal and is a reflection of your personality.

Hammer finish:

A Hammered finish is used to come up with a gold ring that has a wavy texture. A high-speed motorised hammer is used by tapping on the surface that gives the wavy texture. This style is more commonly adorned by men rather than women.


Mill-graining is a classic style of creating a vintage look wedding band. More commonly the mill-grain technique is applied on the edges of the ring by applying a tiny serrated wheel back and forth.