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What is channel setting?

What is Channel Setting?

Channel setting is one of the most popular gemstone settings when it comes to jewellery items. It makes thejewellery piece appear sparkling and awesome. Channel setting is specially preferred for wedding rings and more so if the ring is diamond studded. Bracelets, earrings, eternity bands appear dazzling with channel set gemstones since the gemstones are placed all along the circumference of the band. Ideally round shaped gemstones are used in channel setting and all the pieces need to be of the same measurements to set in a channel. If we are choosing diamonds then round cut brilliant diamonds are best for channel setting. With the same measurements a uniform finish can be rendered to the item.

The chosen pieces are set next to each other in a row around the top of the jewellery piece. All the stones are placed with little gaps in between which is closed once all the stones are laid down. This provides an even feeling to the item. If there is a large gemstone, it is set in the middle with the small ones surrounding the large one, highlighting it. Channel setting is the best method to highlight a large stone piece amidst small ones. The channel walls are hammered down with little force to secure the stones after they are set. This ensures no gaps are visible in between the stones. For diamond rings and earrings, wax is used to hold the tiny pieces of diamond together. It is cleaned with ultrasound and steam to remove the wax from the body before putting it for sale.

Jewellery pieces with full and half channel set gemstones are available in the market. While the full one is common,  the half channel setting can be found where the gemstones are not laid all the way throughout the circumference. The stones cover half of the item. This also provides a unique look to the jewellery piece. There are certain advantages of channel setting. They are:

• The overall impression is better than other settings because of the presence of many sparkling stones.
• In channel setting any flaw in the stones gets concealed as it is deeply seated inside the channel.
• More options for designs on the jewellery item.
• Women prefer this style because the band is thin and does not irritate with prongs.
• It is the safest setting causing less damage to the jewellery items.