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What style of setting to choose for the centre stone- Full bezel or Claws?

The setting of a ring can either make or mar the entire appearance of a ring. How the centre stone has been placed is immensely important in alluring onlookers. There are different styles of settings to choose from. Clients should take into account the purpose of buying the ring before choosing a ring with a particular setting style. If you wish to wear it on a regular basis, then choose a ring with a convenient setting style which will not spoil the stone on your ring.

We will first consider the claw setting or the prong setting style. The claw style was introduced in 1886 and since then it has been one of the most used styles. Certain variations have been introduced in this style to sustain its popularity. The number of claws varies in rings to provide a different look and also to fit the stone properly. The shape of the claw also depends on the size of the stone being set. The tips of the claws are given different finishes depending on the stone that will be set inside. The tips of the claws can appear pear or tear shaped or still in other shapes including flat and round depending on the stone. The aim is to set the stone comfortably inside the ring and also to make it look gorgeous. The stone being set high or low can also determine the shape and finish of the claws.

The full bezel setting style is one of the safest styles to have a stone set inside. In this sort of style, the precious or semi precious stone is set inside a wall of metal completely encasing the stone. The stone is embedded deep into the surrounding metal. This is of course a very popular style with people who have an extremely active lifestyle. People who are concerned about their rings catching onto clothes also prefer this style. Men particularly love this style because it is functional and classy. People who have to do tough jobs using their hands also prefer this style of setting. The stone is set lower in this style and this style is regarded as a contemporary one. Delicate stones like garnet or tanzanite should be placed in a full bezel setting since it covers the stone completely and provides full protection. So, choose the setting style accordingly!