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Brilliant cut Diamonds

What is the most popular cut of diamond?

If you said Brilliant (Round) Cut, you are correct!

Brilliant Cut Diamonds are classically beautiful, irresistibly chic and clearly the most popular choice of diamond for all types of jewellery, particularly diamond engagement rings.

So what makes them so popular?

The aptly named Brilliant Round Diamond speaks for itself. These diamonds are, true to their name, brilliant – because they reflect more light back to the viewer than any other shaped diamond. The 58 facets – 33 on the crown (the top) and 25 on the pavilion (the bottom) – are responsible for the diamonds’ exceptional radiance. And, in order to achieve the brilliant luminescence, these diamonds require that more rough be removed during the cutting process than with any other shape. This, and the fact they are so popular are two factors contributing to their high price.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds are widely used in engagement rings. Their circular appearance extends the symbolism of the ring, representing love with no end. And on the subject of symbolism, it is interesting to note that the shape of a diamond gives an insight into the personality of the wearer. According to Diamond Cutters International, Brilliant Round Diamond wearers are faithful, traditional and religious. Most Brilliant Round Diamond wearers choose this shape for its clean lines and symmetry. They tend to be old fashioned, honest with values and beliefs they would fight for. Round wearers tend to be team players. An ideal quality for those entering the marital union!

Whilst Brilliant Cut Diamonds are so popular, it would be a mistake to think that diamond rings using this cut are alike and unoriginal. To illustrate this point let’s take a look at just a few of the many Brilliant Cut Diamond ring designs that are possible.

Solitaires – These solitaire diamond engagement rings all feature Brilliant Cut Diamonds. As you will see, however, each one is distinctly unique and beautifully designed to showcase the diamond.
Affection – this ring is stunning with smooth lines and the diamond set with six claws.
Bella – this is a lovely example of a bezel set diamond with a scroll patterned band.
Paris – the diamond is set in a semi-bezel.
Talar – a beautiful design with the diamond in a four claw setting with a split band.
Pavé – Pave Diamond engagement rings feature Stones on the band set in a pave style. The effect is amazing, especially if the design is with multiple rows, transforming the ring into a sea of diamonds.
Allure – the diamond is in a 4 claw setting with a band pavé set with 14 Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Bloom – a Brilliant Cut Round Diamond in a full bezel set surrounded by forty 1pt pave set Brilliant Cut Diamonds
Celeste – this intricate Diamond engagement ring features a brilliant cut diamond in a flush set with forty 1/2pt brilliant cut diamonds surrounding it and eighty-six 1/2pt brilliant cut pavé in a graduating 3.8mm wide 18ct white gold band. Complemented by four 4pt brilliant cut diamonds flush set.
Three Stone – Three Stone engagement rings are engagement rings that feature three Diamonds or Gemstones, the most popular being Round brilliant cuts in four claw settings.
Harmony – this is a Three stone engagement ring with 0.50ct centre brilliant cut diamond and two 0.25ct brilliant cut diamonds in 18ct White Gold, with twelve 2pt brilliant cut diamonds in a channel set
Radiance – this gorgeous Three stone engagement ring features a 0.1.1ct centre Brilliant cut diamond and two 0.35ct Brilliant cut diamonds in 4 claw setting.

Brilliant Cut Diamond rings are a versatile choice of diamond and can be beautifully integrated into custom made diamond rings and other jewellery designs including pendants, earrings and bracelets.