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Diamond Eternity Rings – Promise of Eternal Love

Diamond Eternity Rings – Promise of Eternal Love

Diamond Eternity Rings epitomise the promise eternal or unending love. The concept of eternity rings dates back to the 1960s. It was a result of an aggressive campaign started by a well-known company which promoted the sale of diamonds. The campaign banked on marketing the concept of love lasting forever. This marketing campaign targeted customers who were getting married and were on the lookout for engagement or wedding rings. Another group targeted were married men who once again wanted to vouch their love for those special ones in their life.

Diamond was the chosen stone for eternity rings. Diamonds represent different qualities like permanence, endurance and eternity. Diamond eternity rings were worn or gifted to mark an important milestone in one’s life such as the 60th Diamond Anniversary or, to commemorate ten years of marriage or even the birth of a child. Diamond Eternity Rings are worn on different fingers on different hands. For instance, in the United Kingdom, a ring is worn on the third finger of the left hand. It is worn with the engagement band. Some prefer wearing it on the other hand. The reasons and choices may be many.

Modern Diamond Eternity rings come in many versions. Two classic styles available are the half and the full eternity rings. These bands are encrusted with small diamonds in a full circle. Even the half eternity rings have become very popular in recent years. Since the portion of the ring below is concealed, these bands are covered with diamonds half way across the top. One advantage is that it reduces the costs and makes them affordable.

Modern diamond eternity rings are available in a large variety of designs. At Raffini Jewellers we give the option of customizing your own style. The clarity of diamond and the metal used varies to suit customer’s budget and preference. At Raffini Jewellers, We produce hand-made jewellery with highest precision. There are different kinds of setting styles that may be utilised. Claw settings, bezel settings, grain settings and Channel settings are among some of the popular setting styles. Bands are available in various metals like White Gold or Yellow Gold and platinum.

Whilst styles may vary and evolve across brands and countries, the importance and symbol of diamond eternity rings remains the same. On the whole, it is the best promise of eternal and enduring love.