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Ear Cuffs – The coolest unisex trend

Ear Cuffs –The Coolest Unisex Trend

If you thought that cuffs are only for wrists, then you are making a mistake. Cuffs are now used for ears and are considered quite trendy. Ear cuffs can be worn on any part of the ear; from the lobes to the tragus and helix. Sometimes one does not even need to pierce the ear in order to sport ear cuffs. Normally ear cuffs are worn on the tragus and the shape of a cuff is such that it fits snugly on the ears and provides a distinct style to the wearer. Initially they used to be a major part of certain cultures, but now they are spreading far and wide as fashion accessories.

Ear cuffs are available in a wide variety of designs and makes. They are curvy in shape and swirl round their entire body. Cuffs can be made from a single metal or from multiple ones with each layer of the ear cuff made from a different metal. Plain metal ear cuffs often contain dots, spirals, stripes as designs on them. Metal ornaments, danglers, string of beads, gemstones, wire, wood and bone can accompany ear cuffs to adorn the ears of the wearer. Some of the ear cuffs come with detachable jewellery pieces while others have a more solid attachment. Precious gemstones are generally attached in front so that they can be seen from afar.
Different types of metals are used to make ear cuffs. Gold, silver, copper, and titanium are commonly used to make these striking jewellery items. A unique feature of an ear cuff is that it does not always require a piercing to fit on the helix. The helix area has folds on which the cuff can fit easily without piercing the portion. Therefore, ear cuffs can also be used by people who have metal allergy or by those who are afraid of piercings.

First started as a style statement during the grungy 90s, they can be found in every nook and corner now. A largenumber of celebs wear beautifully designed ear cuffs to flaunt their beauty. Recently, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted wearing an elegant diamond encrusted ear cuff at the Paris premier of her film “Catching Fire”. Ear cuffs have really caught the fancy of high flung designers as well as street retailers. For women who avoid danglers and big hoops, ear cuffs are fantastic and also for men who love to sport earrings, ear cuffs make an edgy style statement.