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October Birthstone

October Birthstone

A birthstone, as you know, is a gem that is usually worn as jewellery to converge prosperity and well-being in peoples’ lives. Each calendar month has a different stone and this has been traditionally followed with astrological connotations since the Middle Age. October however is a little luckier, having two gemstones in its month, and thus offers a choice of either or both to people born in October. The birthstones for October are Opal and Tourmaline.

Opal is referred to as the queen of gems because it is the most colourful of all the gemstones and is also counted as one of the most precious with its scarce availability in the market. Opal is believed to possess many qualities and these different beliefs run among different communities and traditions. Each one of them is fascinated by the complex and colourful nature of this gem and its colour changes are interpreted with different meanings among people across the world. But, there is a transparent variety of Opal as well which bears no colour and is pretty plain.

Believed to be a stone for true love it’s said that one may find true love wearing this gem and is also trusted to maintain fidelity, faithfulness and felicity in one’s life. It also aids in keeping your mind, emotions and confidence sharp. Opal, as with all other gemstones, also has healing effects on physical ailments and is specially recommended for health issues relating to eyes. Not only it is said to cure eye infections but also enhance your abilities of visualization, imaginations and dreaming. Opal is also very popular with jewellery designers and is a well known fashion diva among the stones.

Tourmaline, the alternate birthstone of October, is a late find when compared with other gemstones and earlier it was thought to probably be a variety of ruby or sapphire. It’s usually found in yellow, green or brown colour but red, blue, pink, black and even bi-coloured variety also exists and has an uncommon property of a magnetic effect due to static electricity generation in it when rubbed or heated a little. As mentioned before, being a relatively late discovery it lacks the rich tales associated with a stone but is considered to be a sign of peace to some. This gemstone is believed to fight the fears of the wearer and make him or her calm and brave.