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Spiritual Jewellery

Spiritual Jewellery

Jewellery has been worn for spiritual reasons since ancient times. Different cultures used to wear different kinds of jewellery items for protection from evil and also for spiritual enlightenment. From the evil eye talisman to the Hamsa hand and the Lotus flower to Buddha, people have worn all sorts of jewellery with spiritual themes and designs to seek strength and protection. These jewellery items have always been in demand because people have worn them with rock solid beliefs that they will be protected and helped by them in their spiritual journey. The trend has never faded; instead it has become stronger day by day with today’s world developing the aspect of the jewellery items. These jewellery items still bring a great amount of peace and serenity in this chaotic world.

The jewellery industry and the market have recently seen an upsurge in the manufacturing of fine jewellery items with the spiritual theme. According to experts this theme is going to rule the fashion industry through 2015. Talismanic line of jewellery has also made a grand comeback this year. Symbols such as a circled snake about to eat itself, signifying the full circle of life and the belief that all is one, are set to become the rage of this season.

Another line of fine jewellery is inspired from the Hindu God Krishna, who, amongst Hindus, is considered to be the saviour of the human race and also the God of love. The lotus on which Krishna rests himself and is often repeated on fine jewellery items. This oft repeated motif is inspired from temple art and is extremely famous in India. The meditating Buddha is another oft recurring motif on fine jewellery. While the Buddha sits in the middle of diamonds, tourmaline and cat’s eye on gold body in one hand, on the other hand he gazes out serenely through rose gold ring studded with diamonds.

The human chakras have also forayed into fashion jewellery. The 7 chakras within the human mind and body are depicted on various pieces of jewellery with rubies and other gemstones connecting the human mind and body with natural elements. Spiritual jewellery has broken boundaries and penetrated into various societies and has also been embraced by celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jay Z.