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The awesomness of a radiant cut diamond

The Awesomeness of a Radiant Cut Diamond
The Radiant Cut Diamond is almost a recent phenomenon in the diamond market. In 1977 Henry Grossbard invented this cut after 30 years of craftsmanship which blends the elegance of the emerald cut with the brilliance and fire of the round cut. After the invention of the radiant cut, square or rectangle diamonds became famous and trendy once again. Not only did he invent a new cut but also a new cutting style which involved the styles of both round and emerald cut. He named the cutting style as ‘brilliantized step cut.’ The radiant cut diamond has a square or rectangular body with slightly modified sides and appears brilliantly sparkling.

A true diamond is recognized by the amount of light it reflects, thereby making it dazzle. Therefore, the pattern in which the diamond’s light is reflected is important to ensure that the diamond really sparkles.This is one of the most distinguisheing features of a radiant cut diamond. It reflects light from various angles making it sparkle. When Mr. Grossbard invented this reflection theory it was a new concept with the square or rectangular shaped diamond. The radiant cut provides a kaleidoscopic view of the diamond, having more points to reflect the light than any other cut.

This is the reason behind the popularity of a radiant cut diamond among its buyers. However, its popularity has led to the release of imitations in the market. When buying a radiant cut diamond one must be careful not to buy generic ones. How to avoid buying a generic radiant cut diamond? Well, just hold it sideways and you will see the fire and brilliance and also feel its weight because it fully spreads the carat weight unlike the generic one. An original radiant cut diamond has 70 facets in total including 8 girdles, 37 pavilion facets and 25 crowns. 


An original radiant cut diamond will always score over the imitation because:
• Unmatched brilliance- each of the original radiant cut diamonds possess brilliance which is superlative.
• Highest cut quality- an original radiant cut diamond is cut by maintaining the standards of the inventor thereby giving it a flawless cut.
• Appears larger- an original radiant cut diamond appears larger because it spreads it entire carat weight which is not the case of the fake ones.
• Guarantee- an original radiant cut diamond comes with a certificate and an inscription on the diamond girdle done with laser. Without these features a diamond is fake.