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The unique and lasting appeal of the champagne diamonds

The Unique and Lasting Appeal of the Champagne Diamonds 

Champagne diamonds, like the name suggests, are extremely tasteful and unique in nature. They appear naturally in the Argyle diamond mines and are one of the most treasured precious stones in the jewellery box of a diamond connoisseur. Ranging from rich cognac to light brown, champagne diamonds are divided into colour scales from C1-C7. The rich cognac is the rarest and the most expensive among the different hues of champagne diamond. These diamonds appear in different shapes to suit the style and design of a particular jewellery piece. The cuts include:
•  Radiant • Brilliant • Princess •  Oval •  Emerald •  Fire Rose •  Cushion •  Pear •  Marquise •  Heart •
Champagne diamonds are your companions forever. With their wide range of hues and tone they complement your attire perfectly during day or night and at any occasion. In fact, champagne diamonds combined with diamonds of other hues like white and yellow make a sparkling presence among other precious stones. 

Champagne diamonds are head turners and capable of reflecting your natural sense of style and elegance. Celebrities all around the world are obsessed about champagne diamonds. They wear these diamonds in various shapes with their jewellery pieces making fashion statements of their own. Maria Menounos, Jessica Simpson, Hilary Swank, Helen Miren, Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Cameron Diaz have all professed their love for champagne diamond on different occasions.

Champagne diamond is a favourite among the jewellery designers across the globe because of its versatility. The hue and tone of these diamonds create different effects when paired with different metals. This characteristic trait of champagne diamonds makes them unique and sought after. Champagne diamonds match the fringe design in jewellery very well. Fringe is the style in vogue now and fashionable ladies are flaunting all sorts of fringe jewellery pieces and accessories in different shapes and sizes. Earrings and necklaces carrying champagne diamonds in dramatic shapes and colours are very much in fashion now. They are stylish, individualistic and glamorous.

Another design making the rounds in the fashion circuit is the anthropod crafted to perfection on jewellery items by master craftsmen. Sparkling and tantalizing earrings, rings, necklaces and even bangles encrusted with champagne diamonds in snake, insect and scorpion designs will take your breath away. The scorpion earrings studded with cognac diamonds will compel you to possess them for their uniquely dangerous appeal and so will the fly and the ladybird.