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What is Bead setting?

What is Bead setting?
That dazzling diamond ring you noticed inside the jewellery shop; do you wish to know which stone setting it was or how the diamond was placed on that ring? Read this blog and find out about one of the most popular settings. By the time you reach the end of this piece you might just make up your mind to have your next ring with a diamond in bead setting.

Bead setting is a type of stone setting in which the gemstone is set in the metal using gravers also known

as burins which are actually tiny chisels. A gemstone in bead setting appears beautiful and elegant enhancing the charm of the ring manifold. Craftsmen around the world follow a particular technique to drill a hole on the mental surface where a concave depression is created by either using a ball burr or a hart burr. A stone is inserted into that depression and a tiny piece of metal is slid over the edge of the stone by using gravers. A beading tool is used after this to provide a smooth finish to the stone creating a “bead”. A ring with bead setting appears extremely beautiful whenever one sees it.

A bead is quite a popular setting especially when it comes to creating a sparkling starry impression. When there are multiple small stones to put on a ring, band, earring or even necklace, this style is preferred. This is a clear but elegant style where all the tiny stones in beads can be seen. This style looks exceptionally good with diamond wedding bands where you want to have several small diamonds encrusted in the wedding band. Bead setting is a traditional style of setting stone in a jewellery item but has retained its charm and popularity among buyers due to its subtle look.

Bead setting is also known by other names which include grain setting, threading and bead setting. Bead setting provides space for the stones as well as for designers to do some intricate patterns on the beads. By providing some designs on the beads a designer can create an innovative look for the wearer. A bead is quite appropriate for experimenting with the look of the jewellery item. A round brilliant cut diamond looks best in bead setting with small diamonds surrounding the large one. Bead setting is sometimes combined with prong and pavé setting to render an innovative look.