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Why do we wear our rings on the fourth left hand

What is a Right Hand Ring? Why do we wear our rings on the fourth finger left hand?

There is more to the concept of flaunting gorgeous rings on our hands than the mere inspiration of looking beautiful. With the idea of right hand rings becoming increasingly popular with the modern woman and her jewellery predilections, it is time that we take a closer look at the uniqueness of this concept and its fundamental difference with engagement or wedding rings – typically worn on the fourth finger of left hand.
A right hand ring is actually a gorgeous diamond ring completely different in style and design from the traditional engagement ring. Worn on a woman’s right hand, this ring symbolises her happiness and independence in contrast to the perception of the conventional wedding or engagement ring that signifies her betrothal and commitment. The right hand ring has grown to become the signature of a woman who enjoys her liberty, prefers to flaunt her fashion, and wears dazzling diamond jewellery of her choice without any implication of an impending matrimony.

A splendid right hand diamond ring generally steers clear of the predictable appearance of an engagement or wedding ring having a single solitaire or the smooth metal bands, typically the indication of a forthcoming wedding. Right hand rings usually resemble fascinating cocktail rings decorated with a cluster of cropped and small diamonds or any precious gemstones for that matter. Wedding or engagement rings, on the other hand, have remained a constant favourite for women around the world.

Symbolising betrothal and subsequent nuptial commitments, these rings have been metaphorically worn on the fourth finger of the left hand for centuries. Both the rings play a vital role in epitomizing this shrine of togetherness and commitment, reflecting the intensity and strength of the relationship. The fourth finger of left hand being the resting place of these two significant jewelleries has garnered attention and inquisition. Though many a story has been told in different ways, the debate continues on the uniqueness of the rings’ location. The most common concept behind the custom originated from the belief that the fourth finger of left hand has a vein directly connected to the heart. No wonder, every spouse wanted to seal the final deal by firmly putting the ring on that finger. However, detailed medical study later concluded that a nerve connects the finger with the heart and not a vein. But the custom lingers receiving unending fascination and attention from couples worldwide.