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Diamonds Made to Appear Bigger

How to Make the Diamond of Your Engagement Ring Appear Bigger

Personal preference is the most important aspect for choosing an engagement ring. Whether you are the traditional girl with a penchant for the classic round-cut diamond or the demanding diva with an obsession for glamorous emerald-cuts that could rival the rocks of celebrities – a diamond engagement ring speaks volumes about you and your fashion sensibilities. But whatever your inclinations may be, there’s no doubt that girls love their diamonds big and sparkling!
There are several ways to make your diamonds look bigger and better, apart from the obvious choice of spending fortunes to buy huge carat sizes! Coupled with an eye for beauty, the following tricks can make a considerable difference to the appearance of your engagement ring.

An intelligent cut – The cut is the most crucial element that determines the brilliance and beauty of the diamond. A well-cut diamond with perfect facets and angles facilitates the reflection of light and adds to the visual dimension and sparkle of the stone. An ‘excellent’ cut grade certification authenticated by the GIA comes in handy to decipher the quality of the diamond.

Shape of the centre stone – When it comes to shape, the round-cut diamonds look bigger for their carat weight. This circular cut, unlike other shapes, creates an impression of depth in its appearance. Elongated shapes such as emerald, oval, and marquis also look larger for their respective carat weights.

Smart and slender prongs – A clever technique of magnifying the appearance of your diamond lies in smart implementation of the prongs holding it up. A setting with discreet prongs that refrains from cluttering the surface area of the stone will allow more light to reflect on the exposed façade of the diamond.

Opt for a dazzling metal band, preferably in white –The purity of platinum or white gold band will craft an effective background to mirror the translucence of the diamond for maximum shine and brilliance. It will develop an optical illusion of a larger stone.

Consider the complete appearance – Certain settings like the halo style where the centre stone is encircled with a band of diamonds tend to create a bigger-looking ring. Also, the cluster setting with a grouping of numerous diamonds adds to the appearance of a bigger size.
With these stylish tricks, it is easy to craft a fascinatingly sparkly diamond engagement ring. Let your imagination soar to design an exceptional ring that is absolutely unique – just like you!