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Guide to Weddings Rings after Purchasing the Engagement Ring

Considering the amount of sentiment associated with engagements and weddings, reason would suggestthat you will have to take double care of your engagement and wedding rings. Of course the first thing after buying the ring is to keep it nicely in a place where it will be safe. If you live in a house full of children then keep the ring out of their reach. It is not a very good idea to open the box and take out the ring numerous times before wedding. You will surely want your better half to feel good and happy about the ring when you give it to her. So, store it nicely.

After the wedding it becomes important to clean and maintain the ring because it symbolizes the special bond you share with your partner and also because it is expensive. If you have received a ring with any kind of precious and semi precious stone, be careful not to lift it by holding the stone setting. Instead pick it up by the band. This practice will help in avoiding any kind of natural oil accumulation on the sides of the stone keeping it safe, bright and shining.

When it comes to the metal if the ring is made of white gold or platinum, then some signs of ageing might be displayed on the jewellery item. Some people love these signs of age as it reminds them of the strong bond they have with their partners. However, if you are not among them, you can get it polished so that the ring is restored to its original glitter. A gold ring needs to be polished depending how long you’ve had it and how you have been using it.

Wearing the ring throughout the day and doing different chores damages the ring. Different things might accumulate on it and it can also sustain damage from carrying heavy things or cleaning projects. Taking the ring off before doing any such job is recommended. Certain chemicals may cause lasting damage to the ring which would then need to be repaired by a jeweller. Hairspray can cause considerable damage to a diamond ring. You can prepare a solution of ammonia and water at home and soak the ring for about 10 minutes and then pat it dry to clean it. You can also use lukewarm soapy water  to clean up the ring.