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July Birthstone The Sparkling Ruby

July Birthstone- The Sparkling Ruby

The sparkling red Ruby is the birthstone for July born individuals. This stone will bring good luck to the wearer and bestow him/her with all the fortunes promised by this stone. Ruby’s association with power goes back a long time during the era of the kings and queens. They used to wear ruby as a mark of power, prestige and also because it was believed to protect from evil powers. Ruby also provides mental strength which helps wearers in clear thinking and decision making. Ruby is one gemstone whose association with power and vitality pervades all the cultures of the world.

Ruby was also believed to possess healing powers and was used to cure anemia and increase red blood cells along with blood circulation. This belief has stayed with us and people still wear it for strength, vitality, confidence, courage and happiness. People desiring passionate love are also advised to wear ruby to increase the chance of romantic fulfilment. According to astrology, Cancer is the zodiac sign for people born in July. Cancerians are advised by astrologers to wear ruby for good luck.

Some Interesting Facts:
• The red colour of ruby ranges from light red to vermillion to the bright and shiny red known as pigeon’s blood. The last variety is the commonest.
• The most famous red rubies in the world are The Rosser Reeves Start Ruby, Black Prince’s Ruby and the Edwards Ruby all adorning the British Imperial Crown.
• Ruby was referred to as the ‘Gem of Lords’ by ancient Hindus due to its fiery appearance.
• Prince Andrew of United Kingdom proposed the Dutchess of York, Sarah with a blood red Ruby.
• Majority of rubies in the world are mined from countries like Myanmar, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Afghanistan, Tanzania, Cambodia, Kenya and United States.

Rubies are only second to diamond in terms of hardness and hence are durable stones. Like diamonds, cut, clarity and size matters while buying ruby. For instance, a large ruby with lesser clarity will be less expensive than a small one with more clarity. Another aspect determining the price of ruby is the cut. Cushion, dome and oval cut rubies are most popular when it comes to earrings, rings, necklaces and brooches. If you are looking for variety, you can buy pear-shaped, emerald cut or brilliant round cut rubies as well. Both modern and classical jewellery made from gold and silver go well with rubies.