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June Birthstone Pearl

June Birthstone

The healing power of birthstone is the stuff of myths and legends. A birthstone is believed to possess therapeutic qualities to heighten the positive vibe in the life of a person. The origin of birthstones is attributed to the breastplate of Aaron which contained 12 gemstones each representing the 12 tribes of Israel. The list of the birthstones has undergone modification in 1912 when some stones were added to the existing list. People who are born in the month of June can choose between 3 stones pearl, moonstone and alexandrite. Wearing these stones in some forms of jewellery items can bring prosperity and success in your life.

Pearl which is the first stone choice for June borns has an organic origin unlike all the other birthstones for all the other months. Pearls appear inside the shells of particular species of clams and oysters. These look very beautiful with a flawless round shape. Some pearls are found in mollusks appearing in fresh water or seawater areas. However, you will find man-made pearls in the market today. The man-made pearls are generally made of aragonite, which is a carbonate material making the base for the mollusk shells. Pearls are highly valued among gemstones because it possesses a delicate translucence which is rare in other stones.

The colour of a pearl is not same always. In fact, it depends on the species of mollusk in which it is found. The most common shade is white, however, a pearl is found in lighter shades of cream bray, blue, green, black, mauve, lavender and yellow. Sri Lanka and Persian Gulf are well known for cream coloured pearls while the Mexican Gulf is famed for black pearls. Some other parts of the world producing pearls are Bavaria, Germany, Pacific Coast of Mexico, Gulf of California, Celebs in Indonesia.

Moonstone the second choice for June borns have derived their name from a quality of projecting silvery rays when held up against light. Moonstone is formed from feldspar and is found in Sri Lanka, India, Madagascar, Alps and Myanmar. Moonstone is worn with a belief that it will bring wisdom, good health, victory, and good fortune to people. Alexandrite is the third choice and possesses a chameleon like quality being able to cast a reddish violet tinge under artificial light and green tinge under natural light. It is a rare stone bringing in luck for the people wearing it and is quite expensive.