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Powerful Pendants Acting as Protector for Believers

Pendants have always been a significant part of women’s jewellery collections. Different types of pendants of varying sizes and shapes are used by both men and women all across the world. Pendants express personal style and display characteristics of your personality. Some people love to wear their name or the names or initials of their children. Others opt for symbols such as stars, hearts or crosses. Some people first choose a centre stone for their pendant and have it made into a flattering design. Your imagination is the limit to what can be created for the perfect pendant. Raffini Jewellers are specialists in custom designed jewellery and can create the ideal pendant to adorn your décolleté. Whether it is a pendant to be worn everyday or a dazzling piece for special occasions, Raffini Jewellers can help you design a pendant to match your personal taste.

While mostly used for style, some pendants are also used as lucky charms and to ward off evil spirits. The designs on the pendants and their shape depend on popular beliefs and hence vary from country to country. Some of the interesting ones include ladybugs, religious figures and horse shoe charms which are quite popular in South Asia. Evil eye pendants, for example, are used by people all over the world with a belief to ward off evil powers. These pendants originated from the Middle East and have various traditional and modern designs on them with some meaning attached to the symbolic designs. Made from various metals, they are often found encrusted with precious and semi precious stones.

In some countries pendants have a religious significance, like in Tibet. The Tibetans wear pendants as a symbol of their religious beliefs. The most important form of pendant in Tibet is the amulet which is worn by all the natives. It is known as Ghau or Gau and is normally made of silver and turquoise gemstone because Tibetans believe that this gemstone will bestow power, good health and prosperity on them. Turquoise has been revered for many centuries by various cultures as a protector and Tibetans have clung to this belief. Complex, simple, elaborate or mystical designs on these pendants make them even more special to the wearer.