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Proudly Possess Your Ancient Coin Jewellery

If you thought that coins can only be used as means of purchase,you are wrong. Coins can piece and wear them for lifetime. being incorporated into jewellery, especially if those are ancient coins of antique value. So, if you have a number of ancient coins or even one of them, you do not have to let them stay hidden inside a box. You can take them out and consult your jeweller to incorporate them into your favourite jewellery.

Rings, necklaces, chains, bracelets, earrings and even chokers are made using ancient coins as pendants.Manufacturers use their imagination to use these coins in various ways after correcting them a little. Yes, usually these coins are made applying crude methods in ancient times, so a little bit of correction is done like applying them with patina, a film of oxide giving bronze a greenish sheen. This makes the coin more prominent and enhances its appearance. So, you can happily wear it for the next couple of years. The uniqueness about ancient coins jewellery is that you will always have a one of a kind piece. Metals were struck by hand to make coins and hence each piece is different from the other even if they were made by the same group of artisans. Whichever coin you possess it will be different from the other even it belongs to the same dynasty and time in history.

Ancient Greek, Roman, Bible, Byzantine, Celtic coins are some of the most popular varieties that are used in jewellery. Some people wear coin jewellery purely for fashion while others have a passion for history. There are still others who wear ancient coin jewellery as a token of gratitude towards the glorious history of their civilization. There are certain motifs, like the “lily of Jerusalem”, which are worn by Christians and Jews alike out of respect for their faith. However, if you are not the owner of such an exquisite piece but long to buy one from the jeweller itself, you must verify the authenticity of the coin before buying.